About leasing

Leasing – financial tool which allows enterprises to modernize their capital assets.

Leasing - type of rent, widely distributed in current international commercial practice. Leasing activity in Russia is regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law on "Leasing" № 164 - FZ dated October 29, 1998 (as worded in Federal Law N 10-FZ dated 29.01.2002). These two documents establish the basic legal regulations at all stages of the leasing transaction.

Leasing activity combines elements of credit, rent, investment, and based on the separation of the right of ownership of the leased asset, which remains in favor of the is the Lessor, and the right of possession (use) of the leased asset which transferred to the lessee – trade, industrial or service enterprise.


  • Implementation of the accelerated depreciation rate up to 3;
  • Leasing rentals are recognized as costs in full amount;
  • Absence of the property tax (in case the leased assets accounted on the Lessor's balance sheet);
  • Transfer of the depreciation tax shield to the initial periods of operation of the equipment;
  • Term of the amortization of the leased equipment is comparable with term of the leasing.