Leasing Transaction Stages

  • The lessee, at its own discretion, chooses the supplier of the equipment and defines with the chosen supplier terms and conditions for purchase of the equipment;
  • The lessee submits an application to the leasing company for leasing services with a minimum set of documents concerning the company. Leasing company experts need a couple of days to consider the project;
  • In case the project is qualified by the leasing company experts, the lessee submits a standard set of constituent, financial and economic documents to the leasing company. If necessary, additional documents and statements can be requested;
  • Within two weeks, RB LEASING LLC makes a final decision on the project financing;
  • Leasing Contract is made with the lessee, and Agreement (Contract) of Purchase and Sale of the Equipment selected by the lessee and other contracts necessary for conclusion of the transaction – with the selected supplier;
  • When the relevant property is bought based on above mentioned contracts, the lessor transfers it to the lessee's possession and use for the term set forth by the leasing contract;
  • In order to mitigate the risks of the leasing project, the lessee shall insures the property transferred under the leasing contract against all possible property risks. However, upon lessee’s request, lessor can Insurance expenses into leasing payments. Leasing property is insured for the sum of its original cost for the whole leasing period;
  • The lessee undertakes to meet the requirements of the insurance company with regard the maintenance and operation of the leased property;
  • The leasing company holds the title to the property up to the leasing contract expiry.